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Peter Lee

Advanced Exposure Techniques presented by Canon USA

A Talk by Peter Lee (Canon Tech Rep, Canon)

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Broadcasts March 25, 2023, 01:30 PM

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About this Talk

Advanced Exposure Techniques with Canon

Instructed by Canon Product Educator Peter Lee

Level: Intermediate

Enter the world of EOS and gain an advanced understanding of exposure. We will help you learn more about how your camera sees light and how that information is conveyed to you. Learn how to take advantage of that information to make intelligent exposure decisions. You will see many examples of great photography and learn techniques to improve how you use your camera as a creative tool.

During this class you will:

· Review the various methods your camera uses to meter your environment and leverage your camera’s light meter to take full control of your exposure.

· Understand what the histogram is really telling you, what affects its profile and how to use that information to properly expose your photo.

· Learn what “Expose To The Right”, or ETTR really means and how best to take advantage of it for your landscape, architecture, macro or product photography.

About The Speaker

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Peter Lee

Peter Lee

Canon Tech Rep, Canon

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